Weaners for Sale

Our sows are brought inside for farrowing (giving birth) in a purpose built and designed farrowing shed with heat lamps and a creep area for the piglets and straw bed for nesting. We have CCTV cameras to monitor births and I stay with them when they farrow to assist. We have fans in the summer to keep them cool. The sows and piglets are kept inside for two to three weeks and then they go outside into the weaner pens. If conditions are not good they can stay longer inside if necessary.

Our piglets stay longer with their mothers than commercially bred pigs and are weaned at 8 – 9 weeks of age rather than the 26/28 days for commercial pigs. They are all kept together in the same litter after weaning as pigs are naturally a herd animal and prefer to love in family or small groups.

All weaners are wormed and injected to prevent lice and mange. They are also ear tagged. Piglets are also birth notified with the BPA. We handle the piglets regularly from birth so they get used to you very quickly. They enjoy having their tummy’s rubbed and their ears scratched.

We usually have weaners available or due . Weaners are often booked in advance as many of my customers book their next lot of piglets when they collect their weaners. If you know you would like some piglets please do call to reserve or find out when the next litter is due. Once reserved we ask for a deposit per piglet. Piglets are always sold as a minimum of a pair and not singly.

Most of our weaners are bred for pork but all litters are checked to see if there any good enough to register. To uphold the breed standard piglets have to be of a very high standard and meet all the breed requirements before they can be registered. Please do ask if there are any breeding gilts or boars available or if you would like to go on the waiting list.