The Plum Pudding Pig Company has a number of products available, please see below and if you have and questions then give us a call.

Pork for Sale

Pork Boxes

Min 4.5 kg  £45

  • Half Leg Roasting joint
  • Half Shoulder
  • Sausages – 2 packs of 6

Min 7kg £65

  • Half Shoulder/or leg joint
  • Belly Piece
  • Loin joint – or same weight in chops (packed in twos)
  • Sausages – 5 packs of 6

Min 9kg £80

  • Half Shoulder joint
  • Half Leg joint
  • Belly Piece
  • Loin joint – or same weight in chops (packed in twos)
  • Sausages – 5 packs of 6

½ pig and whole pig – prices on request.

Joints and Cuts

  • Shoulder Bone in £7.00 kg boneless £9.95 kg
  • Leg  Bone in – £8.95 boneless £10
  • Loin Bone in £9.50 Boneless £12.50
  • Belly £7.95 kg
  • Chops £11 kg
  • Tenderloin £16.50 kg
  • Gammon boneless £11.95 kg
  • Spare Ribs £5.95 kg

Sausages & Bacon


Sausages contains breadcrumbs (gluten) & preservative E221. Our breakfast sausage has around 6% bread crumb and enough pepper and spice to give it the classic English sausage flavour. Other flavours available with apricot or with mixed herbs

Sausages £4.00 a pack approx. 400g

Dry Cured Bacon

All the bones are removed from the loin & belly of the pig. Then hand rubbed with salt. The loins are cured in a drying cabinet, lined with Himalayan rock salt for 2 weeks. The rind is removed and the air dried bacon is sliced and packed, 8 rashers of back or 12 rashers of streaky.

The cure contains preservative E250 & E251

  • Back Bacon £3.50 approx 200 g
  • Streaky Bacon £3.00 approx 200 g


You are able to collect or I can deliver locally.

Delivery Charges

Delivery is by overnight carrier, the meat is packed in insulated boxes with ice packs to ensure freshness charges between £5.00 – £7.95. We will check with you the delivery day.


Call 01749 674139 or email