Traditional Oxford Sandy & Black Pigs

The Plum Pudding Pig Company breeds rare breed Pedigree Oxford Sandy and Black pigs on the top of Mendip ,an area of outstanding natural beauty with views towards Glastonbury Tor. The Windwhistle herd produces weaners for sale which are birth notified and the best are selected to be registered for breeding further litters. Weaners are then reared to produce succulent pork.

I have always loved pigs of all shapes and sizes and researched the type of pig I wished to keep. It was always going to be a rare breed but which one.

After a visit to the Rare Breed Pig Show and sale it just had to be the Oxford Sandy and Black. I had initially thought I would breed Gloucestershire Old Spots but fell in love with the Oxford Sandy and Black.

They are often known as the “Plum Pudding Pig” as they have black blotches all over reminiscent of the fruit in a plum pudding and they were the pig that many people used to own and keep in their garden.