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All the pigs are free range and live outdoors. They have a happy life being able to access grass and roots and do what pigs do best - rooting around for tasty things to eat.

Only 4% of pigs raised in the UK are truly free range outdoor pigs. On commercial operations even pigs initially raised outdoors are bought back inside to finish before slaughter.

Our pigs are not fed GM products or antibiotic growth promoters. They are fed a balanced pig food with the addition of fresh fruit and vegetables. Bananas are a particular favourite, skins and all! Our pork is produced from pigs kept to at least 6 months in age. (Unlike other systems which send pigs to slaughter at 3-4 months of age.) This means that pork from Plum Pudding Pigs has been allowed to mature so it is not flabby and has a denser flavour because the pigs have been allowed to build up muscle when they lived outside.

The pork produced has a superb flavour and there is a good meat to carcass ratio. Oxford Sandy Blacks do not put on as much fat as other breeds, although fat is needed to provide the best meat it means that they are not over fatty.

Typically a whole slaughtered pig would include leg roasting joints, shoulder roasting joints, chops, and belly pork. Our butcher can also do a bespoke service and can butcher your pig to your own requirements.

  • Quarter pig approx 15kg £85
  • Half pig approx 30kg £165
  • Whole pig approx 60kg £320

Half Pig
——————— ♦ ———————

Leg 2-3 boned joints
Loin 1 boned joint plus chops
Shoulder 2 boned joints or 1 boned joint/sausages
Hand Diced or sausages
Belly 2 joints or sausages

Quarter Pig
——————— ♦ ———————

Shoulder 1 boned joint
Leg 1 or 2 boned joints
Loin Boned chops
Sausages 6 packs

Joints and Cuts
——————— ♦ ———————

Shoulder Bone-in £6.50/kg - Boned £7.95/kg - Diced £8.95/kg
Leg Bone-in £7.95/kg - Boned £8.95/kg
Loin Bone-in £8.50/kg - Boned £9.50/kg
Chops Bone-in £8.95/kg - Boned £9.95/kg
Belly £7.95/kg
Sausages £3.50 per pack (approx 400g)
Back bacon £3.50 per pack (approx 200g)
Streaky bacon £3.00 per pack (approx 200g)
Gammon Bone-in £10.95/kg - Boned £11.95/kg
Tenderloin £16.50/kg
Spare ribs £5.95/kg


Our sausages are traditional meaty sausage, typically 95% meat with natural flavourings.

£3.50 a pack 500g


All our bacon and ham is cured locally by Mitchards in Midsomer Norton who are well known for producing excellent ham with traditional spices and methods of curing.

Streaky Bacon £3.00 pack 250g
Back Bacon £3.50 250g
Cooked Hams
Boiling Hams

Please book in advance

Please download our colour brochure for more information on
Free Range Pork & Charcuterie

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The majority of sows in the UK (60% plus) farrow in crates which are restrictive pens in order to reduce crushing of the piglets. However, our sows are brought inside to the farrowing pens, with heat lamps and a creep area with a big straw bed that they make into a nest for the piglets. We keep them inside for two to three weeks and then they go outside into the weaner pens.

Our piglets stay longer with their mothers than commercially bred pigs and are weaned at 8 weeks of age rather than the usual 26/ 28 days. They are all kept together in the same litter after weaning as pigs are naturally a herd animal and prefer to live in family or small groups.

We usually have weaners available or due. They do, however, get booked in advance often before birth. If you know when you would like to have your piglets please call to reserve or to find out when the next litter will be ready.

All weaners are weaned at approximately 8 weeks and are wormed and injected to prevent lice and mange. Piglets are birth notified with BPA.

We handle all the piglets regularly from birth so they will get used to you very quickly. Most enjoy having their tummys rubbed and ears tickled.

Most of our weaners are bred for pork but all litters are checked to see if there any good enough to register. To keep the breed standard piglets have to be of a very high standard for us to register. Please do ask if any are available.


Castlecroft Jack 7 is our boar, we call him Jack the Lad - born 1st November 2009 and he has been with us since July 2010 and is a proven working boar. He loves wallowing in the mud, probably his second favourite activity!

Jack has a deep ginger colouring with nice black splurges , he is a very friendly chap and welcomes visiting sows and gilts. The piglets that he has sired have been very strong and sturdy with large ears and good colourings.

We accept visiting sows and gilts to Windwhistle.

Please call to discuss booking in your pig as they will need to stay a minimum of three weeks and Jack has a busy diary!


We check if our sows are in pig not just by visual signs but also with a pregnancy scanner.

We check if our sows are in pig not just by visual signs but also with a pregnancy scanner.

The ultra sound scanner determines pregnancy by locating amniotic fluid in the uterus. The probe is pressed against the skin of the pig with gel and the ultrasonic sound waves are reflected by the amniotic fluid present in the uterus of the pig if she is pregnant.

Pregnancy can be detected as early as 15 days but diagnosis increases in accuracy at 25 - 35 days. Pregnancy can be detected up to 75 days after service by the boar but after that period accuracy is not so reliable as the amniotic fluid is reduced in the uterus.

This service can be added to the cost of a boar service.

Pregnancy testing service is an additional option. By leaving your sow for an extra few days we can test if she is pregnant or we can come out to you after she returns home.